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Mgr. Lucia Škamlová, PhD.

Human Geography |
 Demography and Demogeography
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Mgr. Lucia Škamlová, PhD.
Human geography division

e-mail: lucia.skamlova@uniba.sk
phone: +421/2/60 296 389
room: CH1-B1/8

primary: Rural geography, with emphasis on rural development
secondary: Geography of Agriculture and Forestry

Geography of Agriculture and Forestry (2.Bc)
Rural geography (3.Bc)
Rural systems (1.Mgr)
Bc. and Mgr. Seminar

» 2012-2016: PhD at Department of Human Geography and Demography, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava
Dissertation-working title: Phenomenon of marginality and peripherality in differentiated rural structures in Slovakia (time-space analysis)
Supervisor: prof.RNDr. Peter Spišiak, CSc.

» 2010-2012: Master in Human Geography and Demography in Public Administration, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava
Master thesis: Opportunities for rural development in the region of Brezno
Supervisor: prof.RNDr. Peter Spišiak, CSc.

» 2007-2010: Bachelor in Geography, Regional Development and European Integration, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava
Bachelor thesis: Strategy for economic and social development in the district of Brezno in programming period 2007-2013
Supervisor: RNDr. Eva Rajčáková, CSc.

» 2003-2007: Gymnasium of Jozef Gregor Tajovsky, Banska Bystrica

» October 2016: Master class, European week of regions and cities, Brussels, Belgium
» September 2014 – December 2014: Erasmus+ Internship, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
» February 2013: Training Course - Youth works in rural areas, Kayseri, Turkey
» September 2009 – January 2010: Erasmus Exchange Programme, Queen´s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Further information:
Research projects/grants:
» 10/2013-12/2016 Grant APVV VV-0018-12
Project Title: Human geography and demography interactions, nodes and contradictions in time-space network
Status: Co-researcher
Project leader: Doc. RNDr. Branislav Bleha, PhD.
» Grant UK/133/2015
Project Title: The study of perceptual marginality in rural areas in Slovakia
Status: Project leader

  Selected publications from Lucia Škamlová are available in Slovak version of this page

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