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Mgr. Vladimír Bačík, PhD.

Human Geography |
 Demography and Demogeography
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Mgr. Vladimír Bačík, PhD.
Demogeography division

e-mail: vladimir.bacik@uniba.sk
phone: +421/2/60 296 9526
room: B1-309a

Use of various geoinformation technologies for visualization of selected demographic phenomena in the Internet. In the field of web mapping is preffered use of vector formats SVG and KML. Another area of interests is the use of database systems in the field of Internet applications, as well as the global informatization processes of communes in Slovakia.

» Computer aided mapping
» Database design and informations systems
» Informatization of public administration
» Geoinformatics for Human Geography and Demogeography
» Geography of tourism, leisure time and sport

PhD degree in Human Geography, Faculty of Natural Sciences

Since 2006: research - Department of Human Geography and Demogeography, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava

Further information:
personal web page: http://www.sodbtn.sk/bacik

  Selected publications from Vladimír Bačík are available in Slovak version of this page

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